NISSHIN PHARMA INC(Exclusive Representation)


  • CoQ10(Pure 99.5%,5%,10% and 40% Water Soluble)
  • Vitamin K1(Phytonadione)
  • Dietary supplements

  • FP-10(Milk components-Lactose & Casein:Decreasing the number of H.pylori bacteria in the stomatch and Preventive activity against gastric ulcer)
  • NA-1(Wheat Albumin:effective to suppress postprandial blood glucose increase)
  • GP-1(Glutamin Peptide: Useful for improving the body condition after hard exercise and improvement in in hepatitis and reduction in liver fat accumulation)
  • PureSorb-Q40(Coenxyme Q 10: with Excellent Dispersibilit
  • Coat Roll N Brings down pH without damaging qualit of foods
  • y, Stability and Flexibity)


  • 100% Sodium Free
  • All natural, food grade ingredients
  • Naturally beneficial to heart, substituting sodium with a content of potassium
  • Flavours: Onion and Garlic

  • Sendo CXEnhances flavour, Improving food longevity
  • Coat Roll NBrings down pH without damaging quality of foods

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